Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

Stop in for a tempting assortment of wholesome, hearty and delectable fresh baked goods from our busy ovens. At Mollie Stone's, you'll enjoy our old-fashioned, full service bakery that offers pastries and muffins as well as single-serve and family-sized desserts. Mollie's famous cookies, rustic homemade breads, indulgent cakes and fresh fruit pies are the cornerstones of our bakeries.

Filone, Fougasse, Ciabatta, Asiago Pepper Boulot, 9 Grains, Rye - we have a type of bread for any meal or season. We slice-to-order our organic breads and have more than 200 wonderful loaves and specialty rolls to choose from. Our hand cut, oven toasted croutons and crostini are a must-try, too. And we can't forget to mention our cornbread - it's delicious with or without your favorite butter or honey.

We carry gluten-free, vegan and other alternative baked items. You are sure to find something for everyone at Mollie's Bakery.

We specialize in party orders for any of our bakery offerings, special occasion cakes and decadent desserts. We are delighted to personalize any cake with a birthday greeting for your celebrations, whether it's for a wedding or a birthday, anniversary or graduation party. Please call your store to place your order in advance.

And last, but certainly not least, let's talk about chocolate - it is one of our favorite topics! At Mollie Stone's, we don't mess around. Our stores are chock-full of some of the best products that chocolatiers and confectioners from near and far bring to our markets. Find a unique gift or spoil yourself with something from our exceptional selection.

Mollie's Rustic Breads

Mollie's Rustic Breads are all-natural and made by hand with organic flours. Our artisan baguettes, boulot, ciabatta, fougasse, filone and rolls are baked fresh in hearth ovens every morning.

Be sure to ask for a sample of any of our rustic breads, and we will happily slice your selection to order!