July Monthly Picks It's time to try something NEW HOW IT WORKS! Every month our dedicated team chooses a handful of items to showcase, and we also provide a little information on why you too should be loving these brands as much as we are! NOW IS THE TIME TO TRY All "July Picks" items will also be on reduced price during the entire month of July! Come see our picks! ... JULY IS... Ice Cream Month! Scoop it, fill a cone or top it mile high with sprinkles ... it’s time to celebrate ice cream! There simply isn’t a more iconic summer treat like ice cream. With dozens of brands of ice cream proudly on our shelves there is a flavor for everyone! To our dairy-free friends, gluten-free fanatics, sugar- free sweet tooths, and many more, we have you covered at Mollie Stone’s Markets! 3 New Ways to Enjoy Your Ice Cream this month! • Mollie’s Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich: Find the decadent cookies on our hot tables and fill with your favorite ice cream. • Ice Cream Pie: Store bought pie crust or homemade, use ice cream as a filling for a simply delicious treat! • French Toast: Melt your favorite ice cream flavor and use instead of a milk. DANG - Dang That's Good! TALENTI - Crafted for taste Talenti’s story begins in the 90’s in Argentina. Josh Hochschuler, the founder, lived and worked in Buenos Aires. The gelato in this area captured his heart. He fell in love with its taste, texture, and consistency. He learned the fine craft of making Old World style gelato: the slow process of cooking batches of ingredients together to infuse maximum flavor. At Talenti they find the highest quality ingredients and combine them in unique recipes. Today their gelatos and sorbettos are packaged in recyclable and reuseable jars and is sure to capture your heart! @talenti MAMMOTH - Let’s crush some pints! Real ingredients, no added sugar. Mammoth Creameries’ ice cream is a keto and diabetic-friendly frozen custard made with just a handful of ingredients and PACKED with flavor. Sink your spoon into the cleanest ice cream on the planet! Their simple mission: Ice cream for all! • Low-carb, high-fat frozen custard with no added sugar • Cage-free, grass-fed, non-GMO ingredients • Only 1-2 net carbs per serving @mammothcreameries #TREATYOURSELF! SAMBAZON - The delicious powers of Açaí! Founded in 2000, SAMBAZON (an acronym for: Sustainable Man- agement of the Brazilian Amazon) was the first certified Organic and Fair Trade Açaí company, the Amazon Superfoods industry leader. From their Açaí bowls, smoothies, juices, and sorbets, to their Amazon Energy drinks – all Açaí products are USDA Organic, Non-GMO, vegan, and made with Fair For Life Fair Trade Certified ingredients. Enjoy the Delicious Powers of Açaí! @sambazon CHLOE’S - Go ahead, treat yourself! Chloe’s makes frozen snacks with nothing to hide. Chloe’s Fruit Pops are made with just fruit, water, and cane sugar. That’s it! Chloe’s is the leading innovator of non-dairy frozen novelties and a family favorite due to its irresistible taste and simple ingredient list. Co-founded by a mom of three, Chloe’s has quickly expanded its line of fruit pops to now include kids licensed pops, indulgent dairy-free dark chocolate dipped pops at select locations, and introducing its new line of Oatmilk Pops. Still dairy free and always delicious. @chloesfruit HOMEMADE Juice Ice Pops! 1. Start with your ice pop mold! To form the first layer fill the mold half way with the first fruit juice. Freeze this layer for 20 minutes. 2. To create the second layer use only a thin layer of your juice of choice here. Freeze for additional 20 minutes to set. 3. Fill the remaining space of the mold with your final fruit juice selection and return to the freezer for 20 minutes or until ice pops are entirely frozen. NIXIE - A refreshing twist on sparkling water Nixie is a delicious line of refreshing sparkling waters that are USDA Certified Organic! Launched by the founders of Late July Snacks and local to the Bay Area, Nixie’s sparkling waters are infused with just-picked fruit & botanical flavors and are always 0 calorie, 0 sugar, 0 sodium, Certified Organic and Non-GMO. Nixie never con- tains synthetic solvents, carriers, or artificial preservatives and never uses single use plastic bottles, only recyclable cans with BPA free liners. Try all seven refreshing flavors! @drinknixie YASSO - Love at first bite. Yasso’s story began with a kindergar- ten friendship between Amanda and Drew. Over the years, the two became close friends, bonding over their love of sports. As college athletes, they paid close attention to nutrition. While many grocery aisles were stocked with better-for-you options, ice cream was lacking. You could save calories by sacrificing taste or reach for the super-premium options that offered little-to-no nutritional value. So, they took this as a challenge and tackled the problem head-on by go- ing to ice cream camp (yup, really). It was there where a simple yet revolu- tionary idea first took shape: frozen Greek yogurt and better for you Yasso was born! @yasso Q MIXERS - Make your drink spectacular! Shouldn’t the mixer be as great as the spirit? Q Mixer thinks so! Q Mixers make the world’s best carbonated mixers — clean, crisp, truly spectacular beverages crafted to enhance your choice of the finest spirits. All of their spectacular mixers are verified non-GMO and certified kosher through OU. Look to this mixer for bold flavor, with more carbonation, and less sweet, so the subtleties of great spirits shine through. @qmixers Try with: GIN AND TONIC What you’ll need: • 1.5 oz Premium Gin • 5 oz Q Tonic Water • Lime wedge How to make it: Fill a highball glass with ice and add your choice of gin. Then pour in the Q Tonic Water or Q Indian Tonic Water, depending on the gin. London Dry gins should get the Q Indian Tonic Water and more subtle gins should get Q Tonic Water. Gently stir and garnish with a lime wedge. Variation Suggestions: Have some fun. Add a full lime wedge for a citrus boost. Swap in a different garnish, maybe a grapefruit, cucumber, or lime twist. Or muddle in a fresh herb – thyme can be great. Or even add 1⁄2 oz of your favorite liqueur; pamplemousse or elderflower both work well! BACKYARD Summer Picnic Checklist! 1. PICNIC BLANKETS! Yes, several and spread them around. 2. THE BASKET OR COOLER! Keep that food fresh. 3. DON’T FORGET The glasses, plates, napkins, utensils, corkscrew and more! 4. WINE A summer picnic isn’t complete until the wine arrives. 5. CHEESE & CRACKERS The perfect pair with your wine. 6. SALADS & SIDES GALORE Bring the classics like potato salad but also try something new like a chickpea salad! 7. FRESH FRUITS We recommend summer stone fruits. 8. NUTS & CHIPS Add the crunch. 9. FRESH BREAD Always a must have for any occasion. SIR KENSINGTON Sir Kensington sources the finest certified humane, free-range eggs, smooth natural oils, and aromatic seasonings to create a properly standout specimen that promotes confident dipping. Their Mayonnaise is prepared after the French tradition with certified humane, free-range eggs, smooth sunflower oil, and bright hints of citrus. Silky and versatile, it’s an elegant offering suited for dipping, spreading, and a multitude of as-yet undiscovered applications. Find in the Condiment Aisle! @sirkensingtons BOULDER CANYON CHIPS Boulder Canyon was founded by brothers John and Mark Maggio in 1994, who together wanted to create a healthier but equally delicious snack option. The two learned the methodology of making chips and soon after started to create healthier options using better-for-you oils, like olive oil and avocado oil. With this knowledge in hand the Boulder Canyon brand was born and the rest is snacking history... @bouldercanyon COLD BREW Season is here! BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE Blue Bottle Coffee began in 2002, when James Freeman opened a micro-roastery in a converted potting shed in Oakland, Ca. He won over fans by delivering just-roasted beans from the back of his station wagon. More than fifteen years later, inspired by the beverages they serve in their cafes, they took their favorite coffee drinks and packaged them just for you. Now you don’t need to be at a cafe in San Francisco to experience the simple deliciousness that results from slowly brewing premium coffee and combin- ing it with high-quality ingredients like organic milk and a hint of sugar. @bluebottle CHAMELEON COLD-BREW Founded in Austin, Texas in 2010, Chameleon Cold-Brew is the nation’s original purveyor of consciously crafted cold-brew coffee and is collaborated with a license Q-grader (quality grader) to create the world’s best tasting cold-brew coffee! Don’t panic, Chameleon Cold-Brew is 100% certified Organic, made with direct trade Central and South America coffee beans all sourced by their Q-Grader. Their shade grown coffee also requires no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and helps to sustain rainforests. Their beans are small batch roasted, using a hand-built air roasting machine, to maximize freshness and flavor. @chameleoncoldbrew FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @mollie_stones SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Be the first to get our Weekly Ad, Store Updates, Monthly Picks, Mollie's Kitchen Recipes & more! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!