August Monthly Picks It's time to try something NEW HOW IT WORKS! Every month our dedicated team chooses a handful of items to showcase, and we also provide a little information on why you too should be loving these brands as much as we are! NOW IS THE TIME TO TRY All "August Picks" items will also be on reduced price during the entire month of August! Come see our picks! ... SCHOOL IS Back in Session! This school year, whether the learning is taking place inside or outside of the regular classroom one thing will remain the same – the focus on our kids’ nutrition! Mollie Stone’s Markets continues to be your one stop shop this school year! Always start with a nutritious breakfast. Choose us for snacks that are kid & parent approved, along with the everyday pencils & erasers needed for a successful start to the new school year! Below is our foodie checklist for all you need to have a great 1st week of classes. Build the perfect lunch box. Make sure to check all the boxes on this one. • The Main Course • A Snack • Fruits & Veggies! • A Drink • Something Sweet *Mollie’s Tip: High protein foods will help kids stay full longer! Get crafty with the afternoon snack! For example spread some peanut butter on celery and top with raisins for ants on a log. Playing with your food is great when it becomes a healthy treat. Stay hydrated! With the summer heat make sure those water bottles are filled at school or the classroom at home. WATERLOO - Legendary Taste Big on FLAVOR, not on calories! Waterloo Sparkling Water is made with premium, Non-GMO Project verified flavors, and is free of sodium, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. So open up a can of Waterloo and refresh your taste buds! Why Waterloo?: Classic Flavors Free of Sugar & Sweeteners Zero Calories & Zero Sodium Non-GMO Project Verified Certified Gluten Free & Vegan Whole30 Approved @waterloosparkling - Find in the Drink Aisle! DANG - Dang That’s Good! What’s better than getting ‘Mom’ tattooed on your arm? Naming your company after her! That is just what founders and brothers of Dang Foods did! Living between NYC & Bangkok, they grew up eating differently. They created Dang, to share uniquely Asian-American snacks with the flavors and ingredients they loved, including their famous original Coconut Chips, their Thai street snack-inspired Thai Rice Chips, and their new Keto Friendly Bars! @dangfoods - Find in the Snack Aisle! GOGO SQUEEZE - Fruit on the go! Perfect for on-the-go! Apple sauce on the GoGo is made from 100% real fruit packaged in por- table, BPA-free, squeezable pouches. The perfect snacks to fuel your kids’ adventures! These lunch box and backpack friendly pouches have quality at their core! They source all of their fruit from farms that use only the best practices to grow and harvest. All of their pouches are also made without preservatives and artificial ingredients or added sugar. @gogosqueez - Find in the Snack Aisle! BEAR YOYOS - Grrreat for on-the-go! BEAR Yoyos are tasty real fruit rolls made from 100% real fruit and vegeta- bles with no added sugar and never from concentrates. They are a great healthy on-the-go snack and provide a full cup of fruit per pack. Their rolls are Certified Gluten-Free and Non-GMO Project Verified and there is a free collectible card inside every pack to whisk kids off on a fun and educational adventure. At BEAR, their goal is to make eating healthily a little bit easier and a whole lot tastier, because life’s too short to chew cardboard! @bearnibbles_us - Find in the Snack Aisle! HONEST KIDS - Bursting with goodness! Honest Kids Organic Juice Drink taste great, and there is no added sugar, so parents like buying them as much as kids like drinking them. These drinks are bursting with tasty goodness and are sweetened only with organic fruit juice. There are so many reasons to love Honest Kids: • No Added Sugar • No Artificial Sweeteners • No High Fructose Corn Syrup • Excellent Source of Vitamin C @honesttea | Find in the Drink Aisle! CLIF KID ZBAR - Imagination Needs Fuel CLIF Kid Zbar is an organic, baked whole grain energy snack, made with a blend of carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and fat to give kids energy so they can keep zipping and zooming along. Our products never include high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. Crafted for Active Kids with none of the no-no’s: • USDA Organic • 10-12g of Whole Grains • Good Source of Fiber • Organic Oats @clifkid | Find in the Snack Aisle! NANCY’S OATMILK YOGURT For 60 years Springfield Creamery, makers of Nancy’s Probiotic Foods, has been committed to producing genuinely good food, that is honestly good for you. Considered to be ‘Probi- otic Pioneers’, Nancy’s made the first yogurt in the US with live probiotics, back in 1970. Today Nancy’s contin- ues to offer, billions of Live Probiotics in every serving and real food made with care, since 1960. Now with more than 80 products, including Nancy’s Oatmilk Non-Dairy Yogurt, three generations of the family owned and operated company remain committed to producing probiotic foods, to sup- port your good health. @nancysyogurt | Find in the Yogurt Aisle! NOOSA - Finest Yoghurt! Say hello to noosa hilo. Noosa has paired their delicious yogurt and all-natural fruit purees, with the benefits of high protein for a yogurt that has delicious written all over it. In addition to noosa hilo be sure to pick up their new 4.5oz noosa tubs made with their silky smooth yogurt and all natural fruit purees, now in a convenient on-the-go size. Good things are coming in small packages this back-to-school season. Noosa yogurts are the perfect addition to any lunchbox, kids and adults alike! @noosayoghurt |Find in the Yogurt Aisle! CAULIPOWER Imagine a world in which you could walk down the frozen aisle at the gro- cery store and choose from countless options of delicious meals that are all better-for-you and still ready in min- utes. At CAULIPOWER, their mission is to make this dream a reality. By rev- olutionizing the use of vegetables in our food, eating healthy no longer has to be a compromise. After all, isn’t it time for there to be one meal option on the table that everyone can share and enjoy? Now that’s a powerful idea. CAULIPOWERful. @caulipower | Find in the Frozen Aisle! ORGAIN - Good, Clean Nutrition! Nutrition that’s clean for the NEW school ROUTINE! Get them back on track with delicious, organic protein. Back to school 2020 is as uncertain as it is busy – for kids and their parents. As families adjust to whatever “new normal” this fall brings, convenient and nutritious options are going to be as important as ever. Orgain’s goal is to offer dependable and delicious nutrition that the whole family can count on. At Orgain, they’re clean to the core and passionate about making superior, clean nutrition acces- sible for all. Their doctor-developed clean nutrition products are made without the bad stuff and only include high quality food-based ingredients that deliver exactly what your body needs to feel amazing. @drinkorgain | Find in the Vitamin Aisle! TOPO CHICO - Bottled at Source Cerro del Topo Chico • Extracted from a spring in the foot of the Cerro del Topo Chico Mountain in Mexico the brand has always been bottled at the source! Mineral Water is like a Fingerprint • Topo Chico with its unique blend of minerals and tight bubbles, provides a differentiated drinking experience truly worth joining the #TOPOLIFE. @topochicousa | Find in the Drink Aisle! HOPTEA - Not your grandma’s sweet tea! HopTea is what happens when you brew tea like a craft beer. Unexpected, yet surprisingly familiar. A new way to experience hops. After finishing a month off drinking in an effort to kick start some healthier habits for founder, Dean it wasn’t the buzz he missed, it was the ritual, the familiarity, the camaraderie. The smell and taste of that hoppy, bubbly cold ale his buddy was enjoying. The craft beer experience. And that’s when it hit them. To brew tea like beer, with the hops, but without sugars, additives or any fermentation, therefore without the alcohol too! @drinkhoptea | Find in the Drink Aisle! Authentic New Mexico HATCH CHILES Logo. ROASTING HATCH CHILES At Home! There won't be store roasts this year, so pre-order your boxes of Hatch Chiles for in-store pickup. Choose Roasted or Fresh Hatch Chiles for home roasting! MOLLIESTONES.COM/HATCHCHILE STOVE TOP Use long-handled tongs to hold the pepper over a medium flame, turning occasionally until evenly charred. GRILL This is the authentic traditional method and is the most ideal way to roast Hatch. Heat the grill until hot. Using long-handled tongs, turn the peppers over the direct heat until they are blackened and blistered all over. BROIL Preheat the broiler to high. Arrange the peppers in a single layer on a baking sheet and set under the broiler. Roast until blackened and blistered all over, turning occasionally. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @mollie_stones SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Be the first to get our Weekly Ad, Store Updates, Monthly Picks, Mollie's Kitchen Recipes & more! CLICK TO SIGN UP!