September Monthly Picks It's time to try something NEW HOW IT WORKS! Every month our dedicated team chooses a handful of items to showcase, and we also provide a little information on why you too should be loving these brands as much as we are! NOW IS THE TIME TO TRY All "September Picks" items will also be on reduced price during the entire month! Come see our picks! ... FINDING YOUR Perfect Pear! Just like summer has its citrus season, fall bears a whole vari- ety of pears! You may always turn to the pop- ular Bartlett, but this season we encourage you to venture out into more adventurous options like Forelle and Seckel pears. From pies, savory glazes, and even a hearty salad, all of these varieties can find their place in your favorite comfort dishes this season. There are so many reasons to make your favorite fall fruit the pear! MOLLIE’S PEAR TIPS: • Searching for a lunchtime snack? Check the top of the pear where the fruit meets the stem; you will want the fruit to give a little. • Make sure to avoid pears that are soft in other places than right under the stem; this means they are too ripe. • Need to ripen your pears quickly? Place them in a pa- per bag with a ripe banana. Bananas emit ethylene gases that will jump start the ripening! NOOSA - Finest Yoghurt! Their all-natural yogurt is thick and creamy with a taste that’s a little bit sweet and a little bit tart. They make it with fresh whole milk, honey, and juicy fruit purees. Add it all up and you’ve got a whole lot of super deliciousness. Noosa is committed to making only the finest yogurtwith the finest ingredients! In this commitment Noosa will literally go to the ends of the earth for their customers, because sometimes that’s where you have to go to find the very best, most flavorful, and unique ingredients. Find in the Yogurt Aisle! @noosayoghurt FORAGER PROJECT - Let good food be. Forager Project is a family-owned and operated organic food company that’s been crafting plant-based foods in California since 2013. Using a unique blend of plants they’ve created a cereal that is loaded with protein and fiber with minimal sugar. Pair it with one of their creamy dairy-free plant milks and your morning is made. Thoughtfully crafted from simple ingredients. Forager Project makes food that tastes exceptional and is kind to our planet. Certified Organic, Dairy-free, Grain-free, Gluten-free, 4g Protein, 4g of Fiber, and only 4g of Sugar! Find in the Cereal Aisle! @foragerproject DAIYA - Deliciously Dairy-free! Daiya is the pioneer of plant-based innovation and breakthroughs, prior- itizing consumer delight and doing what’s right for our planet. Their must-try Cutting Board Collection plant-based shreds have a bold new look and an improved recipe which now incorporates chickpea protein, giving them a texture and melt close to traditional dairy cheese. Whether you’re craving the ooey-gooey good- ness of a grilled cheese, the cheesy comfort of thin-crust pizza or even the decadent delight of ice cream, Daiya’s latest plant-based offerings will delight your taste buds. Find at All Locations! @daiya DAIYA NACHOS What you’ll need: • Mollie Stone’s Non-GMO Salted Tortilla Chips • Daiya Cheddar Style Cutting Board Collection Shreds • Red tomatoes (diced) • Green onion • Cilantro • Green lime Optional: • Guacamole How to make it: Layer Chips and Shreds on a baking sheet. Bake for 5 to 8 minutes in a 450 Degree Oven. Then top with Diced Tomatoes, Green Onion, Cilantro, Guacamole & drizzle some lime to top it off! ORTEGA - A Family Tradition Since 1897 The 150 year Ortega tradition all started with Maria Conception Jacinta Dominguez Ortega, or as Ortega likes to call her, Mama. In the 1800s, Mama and her beloved family lived in a small three-room adobe home in Ventura, Ca. Mama Ortega created a loving home for her 13 children all centered around their tiny kitchen. Mama Ortega whipped up memorable meals her family loved with homegrown, handpicked and handmade ingredi- ents. And just like today, home-cooked meals were a time for Mama and her family to come together, enjoy good food and entertain each other with stories of their day. Find at all locations! @ortegataco SEPTEMBER is for family meals! We know that family meals feed our mind, body, and soul. And never be- fore have our minds, bodies and souls needed more nurturing. Not only are family meals good for us, but they can serve as a great unifier during uncertain periods. No doubt your family meals are looking different these days. Either a LOT more of them each day and week - or a complete lack of them due to social distancing (video dinner party any- one?!) At Mollie Stone’s look to our Deli Department to tap into the heal- ing powers of family meals without having to stress about pulling them off with our Ready-to-Heat Meals and much more! Learn more about why you should Raise Your Mitt to Commit sharing more meals with family this month by visiting: FMI.ORG GUAYAKÍ YERBA MATE - Come to Life Guayakí’s 16oz bottles are crafted infusions of brewed yerba mate, complemented with nourishing herbs and organic fruit juices. Yerba mate has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate, all in a single drink. The re- generation of the planet is at the heart of their business model. Every time you purchase Guayakí, you’re creating a positive global impact. They call it Market Driven RegenerationTM, and it’s the driving force behind everything we do. Contains 140 mg Caffeine per bottle, Organic + Non-GMO and Made with Fair Trade ingredients! Find in the Drink Aisle! @guayaki BOS - Rich in rooibos. Full of Life. BOS- short for RooiBOS, is a South African red tea with unique super food powers! BOS’ mission is to share the unique South African spirit and tea with the world. Grown only in the Cederberg Mountains, just outside of Cape Town, BOS is packed with unique health benefits. · Crafted with organic hand- harvested rooibos. · Naturally caffeine-free, slightly sweet, and rich in antioxidants, electrolytes and essentials minerals. · Re-hydrating, detoxifying, immune boosting with anti-aging benefits. Find in the Drink Aisle! @bos.usa MADE FOR MOLLIE STONE’S: High & Dry Hard Cider Introducing... High & Dry Hard Cider, a Mollie Stone’s and South City Ciderworks perfect Summertime Sip! This is our first collaboration with the San Bruno based Cidery and we are excited to present our take on the classic bone dry cider. With zero sugar and light acidity, this cider highlights its two core components of fresh-pressed West Coast apples and white wine yeast. A crisp and refreshing finish makes this cider perfect for pairing with food or for enjoying solo. THE PERFECT PAIRINGS When a hard cider goes 100% dry you are going to have some lovely acidity that will pair with just about anything! • Savory and Spicy Tacos • Perfectly Grilled Pork Chops • A Classic Zesty Pad Thai • Smoky Flavors of a Backyard BBQ Pick up 16 ounces of hard cider goodness at any of our nine stores today! Learn more about High & Dry Cider at: BLOG.MOLLIESTONES.COM CHOCOLOVE XO Introducing Chocolove XO! Sharing Chocolove with someone you love may not always be an option if that person is diabetic, following a Keto-inspired diet, or simply wants no sugar added in the food they eat. To help this, Choco- love has introduced their XO Bars! X is For eXtra Fiber. XO is all-natural and sweetened with frutalose, derived from chicory. Frutalose contains inulin which can be a good source of dietary fiber. O is For No (zerO) Sugar Added! The search to find great tasting, no sugar added products can be tough. Chocolove’s XO products provide our same great taste and high quality, all without any sugar added. Find in the Candy Aisle! @chocolove YASSO - Love at first bite. Yasso’s story began with a kindergar- ten friendship between Amanda and Drew. Over the years, the two became close friends, bonding over their love of sports. As college athletes, they paid close attention to nutrition. While many grocery aisles were stocked with better-for-you options, ice cream was lacking. You could save calories by sacrificing taste or reach for the super-premium options that offered little-to-no nutritional value. So, they took this as a challenge and tackled the problem head-on by go- ing to ice cream camp (yup, really). It was there where a simple yet revolu- tionary idea first took shape: frozen Greek yogurt and better for you Yasso was born! Find in the Frozen Aisle! @yasso FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @mollie_stones SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Be the first to get our Weekly Ad, Store Updates, Monthly Picks, Mollie's Kitchen Recipes & more! CLICK TO SIGN UP!